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LockOn: Flaming Cliffs
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Frequently Asked Questions about LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2

Q: What new features does the Flaming Cliffs 2.0 upgrade add?

A: The following features are added:
- Runs under DirectX 9C
- Improved Mission Editor with trigger system
- New terrain area to include much of Georgia. This will be same map as used in DCS: Black Shark. As such the Crimea has been replaced with the addition of Georgia.
- More detailed terrain to include more ground objects, larger forests, and higher resolution elevation data
- Improved clouds
- High resolution airfield textures
- Improved multiplayer system with embedded game browser
- More robust online cheating prevention
- New and improved menu system
- Numerous new, highly detailed ground units including infantry
- More accurate flight data that controls flight performance of player-controlled aircraft. This is true for both Russian and U.S. aircraft
- Improved flight models for all artificial intelligence (AI) controlled aircraft - New, more realistic G-tolerance modeling
- Limited 6 DOF cockpits that move up, down and sideways according to maneuvering
- Heads Up Dispay (HUD) now modeled as collimated and focused to infinity for all player-controlled aircraft
- New and highly-detailed Su-25 model
- Advanced ballistics are implemented for all flyable aircraft, including ricochets of AP rounds - F-15C locked target IFF indication
- More realistic ranges, seeker guidance and fuzes for air-to-air missiles
- More realistic electronic countermeasure operation and performance
- New and improved sound engine
- New radio message voice-overs

Q: Will my Flaming Cliffs 1.12 missions work with Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: Due to a change in the world location and mission editor, they will not. However, when installing the upgrade you have the option to create both Flaming Cliffs 1.12 and Flaming Cliffs 2.0 parallel installs. Flaming Cliffs 1.12 and the upgraded Flaming Cliffs 2.0 will not be online compatible.

Q: Will Flaming Cliffs 2.0 and DCS: Black Shark be online compatible?

A: Yes! You will now be able to fly head-to-head and cooperatively with players flying the Ka-50.

Q: Is a player flyable Ka-50 included in Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: No. To fly the Ka-50 you must own DCS: Black Shark. However, AI-controlled Ka-50 helicopters are included in Flaming Cliffs 2.0.

Q: What mission content will be included in Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: Each aircraft will have several new single missions and four new campaigns will be included, two for the Su-25 and one for the A-10A and F-15C.

Q: Will new documents be provided?

A: Yes. A new Flaming Cliffs manual will be provided as well as a new Install Guide.

Q: Will 3rd party modifications created for Flaming Cliffs 1.12 work in Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: Yes, in most cases. However, some minor modifications made need to be made for 3rd party-created aircraft.

Q: What operating systems will be supported?

A: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Q: What copy protection will be used?

A: StarForce online activation (only) will be used. Based on the success of DCS: Black Shark protection, we feel this provides the best compromise of user-friendliness and protection of property. Unlike the reported hardware problems reported with an earlier version of StarForce applied to the original Flaming Cliffs, no such issues have been reported with the current online activation method that does not install any drivers to the user’s computer.

Q: Will Flaming Cliffs 2.0 use the same "engine" as Black Shark?

A: It would be more accurate to say that both Flaming Cliffs 2.0 and Black Shark use the same generation of The Fighter Collection Simulation Engine (TFCSE). This was done not only to improve the Flaming Cliffs series in many key areas, but to also allow multi-player compatibility between the two brand series. Given this, they share many things in common, including:
- Map and airbases
- Multiplayer and network code (sorry, no dedicated server yet)
- Log Book
- Encyclopedia
- AI units and AI actions
- Track file system
- Options
- Mission Editor
- Campaign Editor
- Modding openness
- World lighting and shadowing
- TripleHead2Go support
- Force feedback implementation
- Monitor resolution support

Q: What are the system specifications for Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: The same as for Black Shark. For most users, the game will run faster than Flaming Cliffs 1.12 due to TFCSE optimizations.
Minimum system requirements: Windows XP, Vista or 7; CPU P4 2 GHz; RAM 2 GB; video card 256 MB RAM, compatible with DirectX 9; 5 GB HDD space; sound card; keyboard and mouse.
Recommended system requirements: Windows XP, Vista or 7, CPU Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD X2; RAM 3 GB; video card with 512 MB RAM (ATI Radeon HD4850+ or nVidia GF8800+), compatible with DirectX 9; 5 GB of HDD space; sound card; keyboard and mouse; and joystick.

Q: If I install the Flaming Cliffs 2.0 upgrade to an existing copy of Flaming Cliffs, will I still need the original Flaming Cliffs CD to launch it and still go through activation?

A: No, only the Flaming Cliffs 2.0 protection system would be used.

Q: Will the upcoming DCS: A-10C Warthog be online compatible with Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: We do not know yet as DCS: A-10C Warthog is still in development.

Q: Can I port Flaming Cliffs missions into Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: No, due to significant changes in the map and Mission Editor.

Q: Will a combined package of Lock On and Flaming Cliffs 2.0 be released?

A: This is possible and something that is under investigation with Ubisoft (owners of intellectual property rights of Lock On).

Q: Will it be possible to build missions in both Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs FC 2.0 and use them interchangeably?

A: For the most part yes, but some mission modification would probably be needed due to a different set of flyable aircraft.

Q: Will all Flaming Cliffs 2.0 flyable aircraft now have the Advance Flight Model (AFM) system?

A: The Su-25 and Su-25T most certainly will and will have some performance tweaks. The other aircraft will have the Standard Flight Model (SFM) but will see more realistic performance in regards to such items as climb rates, acceleration, and top speeds.

Q: What about including 3rd party models, textures, etc.?

A: While 3rd party developers are certainly free to add these to Flaming Cliffs 2.0 after release, they will not be integrated due to past issues attempting to use 3rd party content and legal issues.

Q: Will the released terrain tools be compatible with Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: Yes.

Q: Will Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs 2.0 be run from the same executable?

A: No, they are two separate programs. They only link together in regards to online compatibility.

Q: Has the performance of air-to-air missiles been improved?

A: Yes in regards to range, speed, fuze ranges, and counter-counter measure effectiveness. This includes both Russian, American, French, etc. missiles across the board. This is true for Active Radar Homing (ARH), Semi Active Radar Homing (SARH) and Infrared (IR) guided missiles for all sides. Additionally, to be more realistic, the R-27T/TE must be seeker locked before launch and have very limited "mad-dog" capability... just as the real systems. In a related manner, ECM burn-through ranges have been moved significantly out (based on aircraft type) and a 15 second ECM warm-up time has been added to address ECM blinking online.

Q: Will the Flaming Cliffs 2.0 aircraft receive the same level of detail regarding navigation systems, lights, and radios as the Ka-50 in DCS: Black Shark?

A: No, that level of detail is reserved for the DCS series. Except for when indicted in this FAQ, Flaming Cliffs 2.0 aircraft will be as they are in Flaming Cliffs.

Q: Will multi-player aerial refueling be supported in Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: Yes, but with some limitations.

1) Player being the host of a multi-player mission and won't have any problem refueling from the tanker. Also, the player will be able to see the positioning lights (KC-10A), baskets (IL-78 ) and will be able to hear radio communication with the tanker.

2) Player connecting to a server will be able to air refuel with a few differences.

-KC-10A limitation: No radio communication, no positioning lights
-IL-78M limitation: No radio communication

3) Important note for air refueling with the F-15C, A-10A and "weather" options.

Missions creator, if you're planning to add a tanker (KC-10A) to your multi-player missions, you will need to take in consideration the wind settings (Ground, 2000m, 8000m) under the "weather" tab options. Adding wind will prevent the client aircraft from connecting normally to the tanker as the autopilot will overcompensate for the wind and will make the air refueling impossible. You need to have wind set at 0 m/s at the altitude you're placing the tanker unit.

4) External tanks won't be refueled, only the internal tanks will be.

Q: Why are the Flaming Cliffs 2.0 limited 6 DOF and not full 6 DOF?

A: Unlike the Ka-50 cockpit in DCS: Black Shark, the Flaming Cliffs 2.0 cockpits are not full 3D in every aspect that allows unlimited 6 DOF movement around the cockpit. Yaw, pitch, and Z-axis are as they were in Flaming Cliffs, but X, Y, and roll are limited.

Q: Will the training tracks be updated?

A: Yes.

Q: Where will the boxed version of Flaming Cliffs 2.0 be available?

A: Outside of TFC website (http://www.kengray.co.uk/lockonbuy.htm), that has yet to be determined.

Q: If there are future Black Shark patches, will Flaming Cliffs 2.0 still be online compatible?

A: We will make every effort to retain this compatibility.

Q: What will be the activation limits for Flaming Cliffs 2.0?

A: 8 activations and 10 deactivations. Note that just reinstalling the game does NOT use an activation! An activation or deactivation is only used when there is a significant hardware or OS change. Even if the user has exhausted all of their activations and deactivations, more are provided with proof of purchase. If in the unfortunate circumstance Eagle Dynamics were to go out of business, our intent would be to release a final patch to remove copy protection.

Q: Is it true that bird ingestion has been added?

A: Yes, but it can be set on or off with .LUA setting.

Q: What would be the Flaming Cliffs 2 upgrade paths?

A: FC2 can be installed over any installation of Lock On, with or without Flaming Cliffs. FC2 is a separate install and does not overwrite your previous game(s). So, your options are either Lock On + Flaming Cliffs unofficial add-on (you would not have to activate) + Flaming Cliffs 2.0 upgrade or Lock On + Flaming Cliffs 2.0.

In some cases, it may be a good idea to fully uninstall your previous game (back up whatever you need first), reboot the PC and perform a clean installation of Lock On prior to installing FC2.

Q. Why is the Training menu empty?

A. Training is currently available as streaming video on the official Flaming Cliffs 2 website (lockon.co.uk). The site can be accessed directly from the Training menu of the game by pressing the "Download" button. We plan on making the videos available for download in higher resolution format soon and if possible, integrating them directly into the Training menu. There are currently no plans to make the training lessons available as tracks due to their tendency to break easily and playback incorrectly.

Q. Why do the radio transmissions in the F-15C campaign have no audio?

A. The F-15C campaign does not include recorded voiceovers for the triggered radio transmissions and only subtitles are used. You will still hear the normal AI-generated radio calls.

Q. How is re-arming and re-fueling handled in-game?

A. Re-arming and re-fueling is performed by ground personnel and accessed through the radio communications menu ([\] key by default). Note that ground support is only available on friendly airbases. Your home base will always be friendly. Other airbases can be friendly, neutral or enemy, depending on the coalition of units positioned on or around the base. Airbases can be "captured" by a coalition if at least one ground vehicle is present with 2 km of the base.

Q. It is possible to lose tower communications by destroying the control tower?

A. Yes. However, communication can be maintained by specialty vehicles positioned on the airbase. For Russian vehicles, this will be the CP SKP-11 ATC truck and for western vehicles it will be the M-1025 HMMWV. As is the case with the control tower, destruction of these vehicles will lead to a loss of communication.

Q. Is there a way to ripple-fire two "Vikhr" ATGMs from the Su-25T?

A. Yes. Press [LCtrl L] to enable Salvo mode. Make sure you hold the trigger down until both missiles are fired.

Q. Is there a way to permanently disable the "head roll" function in the cockpit?

A. Yes. Make sure you have a code editor such as Notepad ++. Open the view.lua file located in the \...\config\view folder. Change line 223, "head_roll_shaking" from "true" to "false".

Q. Is there a way to map the controls for all planes?

A. No. Each plane needs to have its own profile, with the single exception of the MiG-29A and MiG-29G, which share all of the commands in common.

Q. Is there a way to save my control profiles so I don't have to remap them after re-installing the game?

A. Yes. Your controller configurations are saved in the \...\Config\Input folder. You can back this folder up manually. Note, the entire Config folder is not deleted and remains intact when uninstalling the game.

Q. Why does my frame rate go down when I have the A-10A or Su-25T television monitor on?

A. With such a display active, the simulation is having to draw and update the world twice as often and this is a huge drain. To minimize, you can set your RES. OF COCKPIT DISPLAYS setting in OPTIONS / SYSTEM to 256.

Q. My Saitek X65F throttle is not working correctly, what do I do?

A. We are awaiting copies of this HOTAS from Saitek so that we can diagnose the problem and fix it.

Q. Why am I having sound issues in the game?

A. There may be a number of possible issues. Here are the most likely problems and solutions:

1. I have no sound in the simulation, but the editor sounds ok.

The problem: FC2 uses sample rate of 44.1 kHz, instead of card's default and many Creative/EMU chips support only 48 kHz.
Workaround: locate "Config/autoexec.cfg" file in the installation folder and add the following line to the top of the file: sound.samplerate=48000

2. When in the cockpit, outer sounds are very low in volume or not audible at all.

The problem: When you're in the cockpit, only low frequencies of outer sounds are heard. Depending on your audio output system, the perceived volume may be too low. Workaround: TO BE POSTED SOON.

3. Does FC2 support surround output?

Not yet. Only stereo output is supported at the moment.

4. Which audio card is best for FC2?

Any card will suffice. FC2 sound engine does not use any specific hardware feature.

5. I want to tune/replace the sounds and/or make my sound mod.

All sounds settings are stored in "Sounds/sdef" folder of the installation path. SDEF stands for Sound DEFinition and describes settings of the in-game sound sources. ".sdef" file without name contains detailed documentation. Please note, at the moment, support requests for user modifications will get lowest priority.